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Norland Men Health Care Pad is norland product for Men reproduction and sexual Care. It  is made snow lotus, Apocynum venetum, fructus cnidii, saw-leaf plant, etc.  It comes in 14 pieces of pads in a paper box pack. Male Health pad is 100% cotton  absorbent paper and breathable sheet.

Benefits of Norland Men Health Care Pad

  • It improves libido and boosts sexual performance
  • It enhances erection
  • Prevents prostrate cancer
  • good for the treatment of prostrate enlargement (BPH)
  • It boost sperm count, sperm quality and aids fertility
  • Eliminates Urinary track infection
  • Completely eliminates waste pain
  • Facilitate healing of any health problem related to renal, urinary and reproductive systems
  • Enhancing joy in many/marriage life.

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