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Ginseng CordycepsGinseng Cordyceps is a product of Norland and it has the following functions:
• It is a combination of ginseng and Cordycep herbal extracts
• Eliminates blood stasis
• Deals with weakness and fatigue
• It is anti inflammatory, anti cancer, anti tumour
• It is a blood Purifier as well as a herbal antibiotics
• It is very good for people with diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

NORLAND GINSENG CORDYCEPS SINENSIS is a herbal supplement for effective and permanent treatment of Erectile Dysfunction and other discomfort in human body.

GINSENG CORDYCEPS SINENSIS: Treats stubborn Staphylococcus, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Vaginal itching, Vaginal discharge, Vaginitis, (Bacterial Vaginosis) weak erection , Quick ejaculation, Sexual transmitted disease naturally without chemical orthodox drugs that makes you to keep treating infection monthly

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