norland distributor code of conducts

This write up is made to guide our Norland distributors on how to conduct themselves and do this distributorship business professionally within the provision of the law. This article does not emanate from Norland industrial Group Headquarters or from Norland Nigeria Head office. It is a creation of Norland Wealth Team, intended for her team members, and distributors. The following are Norland Wealth distributor’s code of conduct:

DON’T CLAIM TO BE WHAT YOU ARE NOT: We have heard some distributors claiming they are doctors or pharmacists when dealing with online buyers. Selling health products doesn’t make you a medical professional. It is unacceptable to claim you are a doctor or any other medical professional when you are not. We have a hand full of medical professionals doing norland business though, but majority of Norland distributors are marketers and distributors. The write of this post is a business administrator and also a Norland distributor.  This is who I am and that is what I tell buyers that ask me. This has not stopped me from selling in any way. Rather it has helped me to build trust and relationship with my customers, which is important for continuous sales in this business.

DON’T SEND ANY PRODUCT THAT IS DEFACED TO BUYERS: A customer called me some time ago, asking if I can recognize a particular product because the label was removed by the seller. The reason is simply to prevent the buyer from buying it from another seller. This is very wrong. Distributors under our team must never do that. Don’t put yourself at risk. Norland will not defend you if anything go wrong with the user in this instance.

DON’T GUARANTEE RESULTS: Norland products are very effective. There are lots of positive feedback from users, but that doesn’t mean that every user get result out of it. Let buyers know that the product works for most people, but there are some that still didn’t get desired result after usage.  There are several reasons for that, which can be peoples’ immune system, lifestyle etc. Don’t give unrealistic guarantee because you want to sell. Nothing is guarantee, that is why pharmaceutical advert will say, “if symptoms persist after 3 days, consult your doctors.”

DON’T SAY PRODUCTS WILL DO WHAT IT WASN’T DESIGNED TO DO: Norland industrial group has product booklets that states the functions of all their products. Our distributors are to read these booklets  to be conversant with the products. We strongly encourage that sellers don’t go beyond the functions in these booklets. Don’t claim product will do what the maker didn’t say it will do.

DON’T BECOME UNREACHABLE AFTER SALES: Customer relationship is built after sales not before sales. What some distributors do is to sell and run away. No, be available to your customers before, during and after sales. Pick their calls; respond to their chats and emails.  They might have questions after buying and using your products, be there for them. That is how you build relationship. Relationship is what makes them loyal customers.

NEVER SELL EXPIRED OR DEFECTED PRODUCTS:  As distributors under Norland Wealth team, you have to do quality check on products before sending to buyers. Products going out from you must be in perfect condition. Expiry date should be 6 months or more from the date of purchase. If for any reason, it is otherwise, you have to inform the buyer before sending the products to them.

Following these rules will help you to build trust with your customers to sell more norland products . It will help you do this business professionally and it will also help you to stay protected by the law as a direct sales representative of Norland Industrial Group.

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