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Norland herbal toothpaste is a herbal extracts cavity protection toothpaste for fresh breath, and long lasting protection of your teeth and gum.



Norland herbal toothpaste is a herbal cavity protection toothpaste for long lasting protection of tooth and gum with oat fibers. This toothpaste is rich in various plant extracts, and our unique secret ingredients. Our herbal toothpaste comes with mint flavour.


  1. Reduces dental plaque
  2. It helps maintain healthy gum
  3. Treats tooth infection and toothache
  4. It contains anti pain properties
  5. Removes stain on the teeth
  6. Cures bad breath and mouth odour
  7. Gives fresh breath
  8. Cures bleeding gums
  9. It prevents tooth decay
  10. It Isolates pigments
  11. Whitens your teeth.

Note: Use this toothpaste during the day for effectiveness and best results. Brush your teeth first thing before meal in the morning and brush again after meal in the evening.

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  1. Oriz

    Norland Herbal Toothpaste takes care of mouth odour, tooth decay and gum issues. you teeth will be white.

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