Norland New Prices

Norland New Prices

This is to inform our Nigeria Norland Distributors and customers about Norland New Prices that took effect on 05:00pm, 20th of Feb 2024. Old prices on system has being changed and replaced with these new prices.

2024 List of Norland Products and Prices:

1 Micro-molecule Peptide -N31,450
2 Health Way Hypog Ycemic Capsules – N22,000
3 Nouripad Anion Sanitary Panty liner – N3,550
a Nouripad Anion Sanitary Napkin – N3,250
5 Propolis-Lecithin Capsules(60capsules) – N16,500
6 Immune Vital Capsules – N25,000
7 Health Way Cordyceps Coffee – N10,000
8 Health Way Immune + Capsules – N18350
10 Health Way Cup – N53,450
10 Energy Bracelet – N42,000
11 Health Way Calcium Iron Zinc Capsules – N20,650
12 Healthway Vision Capsules (60capsules) – N25,000
13 Health Way Herbal Capsules – N24,000
14 Kuding Tea – N7,250
15 Ginseng Cordyceps sinensis Tablet Candy – N20,650
16 Natural B-Carotene Capsules – N17,200
17 Health Pad (Male;14Pcs/ Box) – N25,450
18 Health Pad(Female;14Pcs/ Box) – N25.450
19 Norland Herbal Toothpaste – N4100
20 GI VITAL Softgel (1 Bottie*500mg) – N27,200
21 Health Way Cordyceps sinensis Capsules(60capsules) – N24,100

This post is to help our distributors and customers plan ahead with the Norland New Prices in mind. Visit Norland Products to know more about the Norland.

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