Is Norland Legit?

is norland legit

This write up clears the air as to whether Norland is Legit and if it a Ponzi scheme.

One Mr Musa called our office yesterday after picking our number from my Norland website. He was about to make a decision of paying N50,000 into a person’s account who has been cajoling him to pay N50,000, to receive N100,000 in 2 hours.

He called us to ask if Norland Industrial Group operates such a scheme. We explained to him that Norland Industrial Group does not operate such scheme. Because, it does not operate a ponzi scheme. Rather, Norland is a Multilevel Marketing Business with fast selling Norland Supplements and products, and daily consumables

That means, when you register with Norland, you get products equivalent to the amount you invested. You will have to introduce 2 persons to start earning. Alternatively, you can sell your products and keep reinvesting your capital to continue to earn.

Sadly, Mr Musa seemed to prefer the ponzi scheme. Everything we told him regarding the benefit of joining Norland which include weekly earnings, monthly earnings, didn’t impress him. Car award, House incentives, all-expense paid trips and a chance to become a shareholder in the company, didn’t help either.

Why? Because, It involves work. He prefers a magically mysterious scheme where 50k becomes 100k in just 2 hours. Mr Musa is a reflection of most people the society today. We love to do nothing, yet, we want to achieve everything. That was the same reason a large number of people became MMM victims few years back.

A woman also called our office from Abuja last month, lamenting that she has not been receiving her weekly and monthly earnings since she joined Norland. She said, she only got products worth the N87,000 she registered with.

We asked if she has introduced anyone since she joined. She said no! We also asked her if she has being selling the products and reinventing her capital? She also said no. We thought to ourselves, so where will the earning come from?

We took time to explain how the business works to her and the potential she has as a registered member if she will commit to the work aspect of the business.

Yes, Norland is legit, but it is not an investment platform. it does not double money in anyway. It is a Supplements MLM company. It is only for those that know that work is required if it must deliver financial freedom!

is norland legit

6 Replies to “Is Norland Legit?”

  1. Please explain more . One man was chatting with me just now, tell me to pay in 50k and get 100k in my next 45 minutes. I was wow ! Then I said let me find out, how is possible.

    1. Anyone telling you to pay 50k and get 100k in next 45 minutes is a SCAM. In Norland, you invest by buying health products. You will sell the products or introduce people to the business to make money.

      Don’t fall a victim.

  2. I had the same experience, someone called me now 18/10/22 that I should deposit any amount and that it will be doubled in 45 min. Is this not a scam using Norland international platform

    1. That is not our platform. We don’t collect money from people to be double in 45 mins. Here, we deal on supplements and health products.

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