Norland Supplements


Norland Products are health and wellness products produced by Norland Industrial Group. Call or WhatsApp +234 708 446 5633 to order and enquire. We are one of the pioneers of Human Regenerative Technology. What does that mean? It means Stem Cell Technology, a medical breakthrough that regenerates and recreates human cells.

Norland Industrial Group started in 2008 in Beijing-China; as a detoxification supplements and products manufacturing company. Through its strategic policy of growth, it opened its United States headquarter in 2012. This led to a speedy growth channel and overseas market expansion.

Norland Industrial Group Certifications

norland-productsWe obtained a certificate of free sales from US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This was after 153 strict inspections by the USA national laboratory. As a result of this, Norland herbal medicine can be sold in pharmacies and supermarkets in the United States, Canada, Mexico and some other countries.

Norland achieved direct sales license in 2015. This achievement led to the launching of its direct sales business and its multilevel marketing business. This expansion facilitated series of chain stores, and building of cosmetology hospitals. E-commerce platforms were created and production system was upgraded to accommodate global demands.

In 2017, Norland Industrial Group opened its Nigeria Office at Ikeja, Lagos, after meeting the requirement of NAFDAC and other commerce agencies. In 2023, Norland opened Abuja Office in Graki. It is now 14 years. Through research and innovations,  Norland Health Products has become a global brand with presence in over 50 countries with over 30 health products for variety of health issues.

The following are some of their products: GI Vital Softgel, which is Norland Product for Ulcer. Call or WhatsApp +234 708 446 5633 to order and enquire. Natural B Carotene, which is Norland Product for anti aging. Immune Plus which is Norland Product for fertility. Healthway Vision Capsule, which is Norland product for eye treatment. Healthway Herbal capsules, which is Norland Product for Hepatitis and fatty liver. Propolis Lecithin Capsule, which is Norland product for prostate enlargement and anti tumour. Cordyceps Sinensis Capsules, which is Norland product for respiratory issues etc.

Norland leads by providing health products, cosmetology, e-commerce and direct sales services. That way, creating wealth, beauty and improved health for its customers and distributors worldwide.


Product Name Price (NGN) PV
Nouripad Anion Sanitary Napkin 3250 2.35
Norland Herbal Toothpaste 3750 2.51
Vital Probiotics Toothpaste 4000 2.56
Anion Sanitary Panty liner(30 Pcs) 3550 2.78
Sunlit Antibacterial Gel 4500 5
Sunlit Body Lotion 4500 3.96
Sunlit 2-IN-1 Body Wash and shampoo 4500 3.96
Kuding Tea 6500 5.67
Healthway Cordyceps Coffee 9800 5.88
Nouripad Pain Relief Patch 8000 7
Nouripad Herbal Eye Patch 8000 9
Skin Rejuvenating and Smoothing Toner (120ml) 7150 9.63
Skin Rejuvenating and Moisturizing Milk (50g) 7700 10.16
Propolis Lecithin Capsules 16500 15
Healthway Immune+ Capsules 18500 16.58
Healthway Calcium Powder 16100 17.12
Natural β-Carotene Capsules 17500 19.79
Norland Green Spirulina Capsule – 60 capsules 12000 19.26
Healthway Calcium Iron Zinc Capsules 20650 24.61
Ginseng Cordyceps Sinensis Tablet Candy 20650 24.61
Norland Healthway Vision Capsules - Norland product for eye treatment 25000 24.61
Immune Vital Capsules 25000 23
Healthway Herbal Capsules - Norland product for hepatitis and fatty liver 24000 24.07
Healthway Capsules - Norland product for sugar level 22600 25.68
Healthway Cordyceps Sinensis Capsules 24250 26.75
Norland GI Vital Softgel - Norland product for ulcer 27200 29.96
Health Pad (Male;14Pcs/ Box) 25350 29.96
Health Pad(Female;14Pcs/ Box) 25350 29.96
Micro-molecule Peptide(1 Box) 31450 32.1
Health Way Cup 47050 38.52
Energy Bracelet(Black) 42550 44.94
Magic Pan With Cover 80500 64.2
Norland Detox Pack-New(1 set) 447500 599.2
Detox Pack (2 set) 550000 642



Becoming a Norland Distributor provides an alternative stream of income. It enables you to earn weekly bonuses and other awesome incentives. These incentives include car awards, all-expense paid trips, house awards, and a chance to become shareholder in the company.

Partnering with Norland requires you to just order Norland products worth N140,000 or above. Your choice of products can be daily consumables such as body cream, toothpaste, dish liquid, hand sanitizer, cosmetics and other health care products.

norland-supplementsAs you switch your brand and help others do same, the company pays you every Tuesday. They also rewards you with incentives such as cars, abroad trips, houses and other amazing benefits.

When you activate your registration, and collect products worth the amount you paid, username and password will be given to you. Introduce two new members to Norland and you will be paid.

It doesn’t end there. If the new members you introduced, also introduced others to the company, you will be paid additional bonuses and it will continue till infinity.

In fact, startup bonus and group performance bonuses are just one of the ways you are paid. There are several other cash bonuses you get, and these are paid to you every single week. This depends on how you and your team performed in that week.

The amount you are paid depends on the total PVs generated, not by your efforts alone, but also by those of the ones you have referred to the business. This is possible because every product has a corresponding point value (PV). Buying these products gives you PVs.

In NORLAND, you actually earn in nine different ways. The earnings mentioned in this write-up are a few of them. Read about 17 Reasons to Join Norland



    Norland is a simple business with a very high returns on investment. The following are strategies to do the business successfully and profitably.

    Recruitments of Norland Partners

    As a multilevel marketing company, this means you can market by recruiting new partners. We use a binary system, where you have to recruit 2 partners to start earning. Registration is free, but you have to order products or supplements worth a certain amount . The least order you can make to become a partner /distributor is one hundred and forty thousand only (N140,000).

    After you become a partner, you are required to recruit 2 partners. When you do this, Norland will pay you N28,000 in cash and free product voucher worth N50,000 which you can redeem from any Norland stockiest from anywhere in Nigeria and the World at large. The 2 partners you recruit are expected to do same. When your 2 partners recruit 1 person each, you get another N28,000 cash. That is it, you keep earning!.


    * Note: If your joined with N280,000 (Bronze member) and you bring in 2 bronze members, you will get N56,000 in cash and free products voucher worth N80,000.

    * Join with N600,000 (Silver member). Bring in 2 silver member, you will get N112,000 in cash and free products worth 160,000.

    * Start with N1,00,000 (Gold member) and you bring in 2 gold member, you will get N224,000 in cash and free products worth N320,000.

    * Register with N1,800,000 (Diamond member). Bring in 2 diamond member, you will get N448,000 in cash and free products worth N640,000.

    Sales of Norland Supplements and Products

    A lot of network marketers are stranded in business, because they couldn’t recruit partners into the business. That can be frustrating as it means network marketers could hardly get back the money they invested. If this is you, then sales of Norland products and supplements is for you.

    This is actually, the strategy I use because I am introverted. I don’t like disturbing people for anything. I have never recruited anyone, but I make money every 2 weeks in 6 and 5 figures just by selling Norland products and supplements.

    Let me explain! I registered with N140,000, I didn’t border to recruit anybody. Rather, I sold my products and supplements using both online and offline channels. I made some retail profits and reinvested my capital as a new registration. When I reinvest my N140,000 capital twice, the company pays me N28,000 in cash and free product voucher  worth N40,000. I keep selling, reinvesting and I keep earning money. The trend continues.

    Sales of Norland products and recruitments of partners

    This method mean as a Norland partner, you are selling Norland products, reinvesting your capital and you are also recruiting partners. You are not relying on one method rather you are using the 2 methods. Your earnings is from sales, recruitments and consequently from the efforts of your down liners.


    We now do deliveries of Norland Supplements and Norland Products in the following places in Lagos states, Nigeria: Lekki, Alimosho, Surulere, Aja, Ebute Metta, Ketu, Amuwo Odofin, Ikeja, Isolo, Ikoyi, Mushin, Gbagada, Yaba/Ojuelegba, Ire Akari Estate, Festac Town, Magodo GRA Phase I, Lagos Mainland, Victoria Island, Ojo, Alaba, Ago Palace Way, Satellite Town, Kosofe, Yaba, Oshodi/Isolo, Ikeja GRA, Opebi, Lekki Phase 1, Sangotedo, Ijesha, Mushin, Ijegun, Ikotun, Ejigbo, Ajao, Apapa, Itire and every nook and cranny of Lagos, Nigeria.


    Norland Car Award holds annually at 10 degrees Events center, Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos. This years car awards is unique and colourful as usual. I got into the venue and I was met with surprises, the cars that would be given out to qualified distributors were on display. I couldn’t but walk round the cars. There were SUV’s of different brands, Mercedes Benz, Acura, even Chevrolet sport car, to mention but a few.

    Norland Industrial Group

    After going round the cars, and taking a few pictures, I entered the hall. Informative slides were showing on the projector screen to educate attendees about Norland Industrial Group. The hall was already half full. Attendees came from far and near, all over Nigeria.

    norlandThe event eventually started, one of the masters of ceremonies was Okon, Nigerian popular movie star and comedian. The vice president of Norland Africa Market gave the welcome address. He gave detailed information about NORLAND Industrial Group. It started in Beijing in 2008, as a cosmetology plant and now it has become a global brand operating in over 50 countries of the world including the United States of America. He talked about the certifications Norland Industrial Group had attained over the years as a direct sales and a multilevel marketing company.

    Norland Product presentation

    Norland Product presentation was done on Detox Pack Herbal series, GI Vital Softgel, Healthway vision capsule, Healthway Herbal capsule, Propolis lecithin capsules, Oligopeptide, Nouripad Healthcare pad, Healthway capsules, Immune vital capsules, Healthway Calcium Iron and Zinc, Cordyceps sinensis capsules, Calcium powder, Ginseng cordyceps sinensis, Cordyceps coffee, Kuding tea, Anion sanitary napkin, Anion panty liner, herbal cavity protection toothpaste, herbal mouthwash, frying pan, Energy bracelet, Healthway cup, Nouripad nourishing health shoe insole, gentle cleasing, flowspring radiant spray, etc. These products and their functions were explained one after the other.

    Norland Compensation plan

    Product presentation was followed by Norland compensation plan. Norland has one of the best compensation plan of all multilevel marketing operating in Nigeria now. Distributors can earn in the following ways as stated by the presenter: retail profit, startup bonus, free product vouchers, group performance bonus, leadership bonus, maintenance bonus, benefits bonus, honorary bonus, and awards which include all expense paid trips, car award , house awards etc.

    Norland Products testimonies.

    It was time for Norland products testimonies. The first testimony was about a distributor whose waist pain was cured by using GI Vital Softgel. The second testimony actually blew everyone away. It was a case in the Jos Teaching hospital. A patient leg was to be amputated as a result of a leg ulcer that has defiled medical intervention. Ginseng Cordyceps

    The patient bought Norland Detox Pack and GI vital softgel. After using it, the patient’s leg started healing up. He returned to the teaching hospital for check up on the leg, only for the doctor to ask what he has been using because the amputation is no longer necessary.

    After a few more dosage of Norland Supplement, the leg was completely cured. The testifier is now a major supplier of Norland Products and supplements to the hospital. This turned her into a high flier in Norland Nigeria as her point value (PV) grew incredibly. That led to bonuses and car awards.

    Norland Cash awards

    It was now time for the cash awards, over 50 distributors were given cash awards of five hundred thousand naira , six hundred thousand naira , one million naira respectively. The climax of the event was the car award, every distributor that qualified was called up stage, and given their car key in front of everyone. It was really a great time as awardees laughed, and shouted for joy with their families and friends


    I knew nothing about Norland Products until late 2018, when two of my friends asked me to teach them how to run Facebook adverts because they started selling some health products.

    Visiting their shop somewhere at Surulere, Lagos, would give me the opportunity to teach them how to make more money in their businesses. I couldn’t resist the invitation since this is what I have been doing for years.

    I saw Norland Vision Capsules for the first time

    Getting there, I got to see the fast selling Norland Vision capsules, one of the many Norland health Products. They told me about the efficacy of Vision capsules for curing eye related issues. I show them practically how to create a facebook business page, how to add money to their adverts account and also how to run adverts.

    That was it. After some months, I discovered that these guys started doing very well. They started earning weekly and monthly from Norland. In barely one year, I saw pictures of them cruising in Dubai in an all-expense paid trip, through this same Norland Network Marketing.

    I registered as a Norland distributor

    Their achievements were enough to convince me. I registered as a Norland Products distributor. Little did I know that these guys were already qualified for brand new Lexus 2019 SUV’s. It was now April 2020, when everyone was crying because of the hardship caused by the Covid19 pandemic, these guys were awarded with two brand new Lexus 2019 SUV’s. I was there to check out the cars to be sure it wasn’t e-cars, you know what I mean.

    This furthered endeared Norland products to me. So I put in more efforts by creating a website for my Norland business. I also created social media business pages, so as to sell more Norland Supplements and also to register more distributors so as to widen my network, because I must grab my Norland Multi-Level Marketing SUV’s.


    We now do deliveries of Norland Supplements, Products and recruitment of new members into Norland Multi level Marketing in the following states in Nigeria: Lagos, Osun, Ogun, Kwara, Ondo, Kogi, Bayelsa, Delta, Rivers, Edo, Anambra, Enugu, Imo, Abia, Benue, Abuja, Kano, Kaduna, etc. Work is in progress to include other states in Nigeria.