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Norland Detox pack is the world’s no. 1 detox brand. Detox herbal series inherit a combination of classic Chinese detoxification medicine and modern magnetic and wave energy through the deep human body cell detoxification system.


NORLAND DETOX PACKNorland Detox pack is the world’s No. 1 detoxification product, also known as Wuqing Detox pack.  It is made from herbs, fruits and vegetable extracts.

It clears body toxins thereby purifing the blood and all body organs. It makes the body toxin-free and increases the metabolism, absorption and vitality of the cells.


  • It detoxify every organs in the human body.
  • Detox pack does deep layer detoxification.
  • It detox from cell level
  • It detox the lungs
  • detoxifies of the liver
  • It get rid of toxins from the kidney
  • It cleans the heart of toxins.
  • Wuqing detox herbal series continue to detoxify the body for the nest 100 days after use.


  • people with chronic and acute diseases.
  • those with long use of tobacco and nicotine.
  • people that has being on medication for a long time.
  • people  with excessive intake of high fat and high calories over time.
  • those that fall sick too often.
  • those with weak immune system.

Norland Detox pack contains 2 bottles of Olive-Lemon supplements and 4 bottles of fruits-vegetable detox beverage. Visit our Norland Supplements home page to know more about the maker. Visit our Norland store for other products.


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