LongVigor Coffee


Longvigor Coffee: This product is a man’s coffee made of red ginseng, oyster peptide and sea cucumber peptide as main active ingredients Rapid promotion of internal microcirculation, long term drinking to improve your libido, energy level, and vitality

BENEFITS of LongVigor Coffee :

1, Balance human hormone secretion, promote the regulation of human
endocrine system
2, Promote blood vessel dilation and improve blood circulation
3, Increase in male adrenal hormones
4, Reinvigorate masculinity and increase erectile function
5, Increase sperm count and enhance sperm motility
6, Improve male fertility
7, Increase physical strength and improve mental state
8, Relieves stress, relieves fatigue
9, Anti aging

10, Relieve menopause in women, prevent menopausal syndrome
11, Lower uric acid and relieve gout
12, Regulate of female menstrual period a nd menstrual disorders
13, Reduce the incidence of breast cancer
14, Rehabilitation therapy after hysterectomy
15, Antineoplastic The polysaturated fatty acids and vitamin C in maca
have auxiliary anticancer effects
16, Treating Depression
17, Improve anemia symptoms and treat anemia
18, Lowering blood fat

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