How do we move up the norland market plan


This write up will show you how to grow in norland. You can move up in Norland Multilevel Marketing in the following ways:

Account upgrade: This means you are changing your entry package to a bigger package. When you register, you might have started with senior member package. you have 2 months to upgrade your account any bigger package like the silver, gold or diamond member.

Referral and Registration: This simply means you are introducing new members into the business. Doing this you are building your point value (PV) this is important for bonuses and awards. This is actually the best way to move up in the business of networking. This is how you get your weekly and monthly earnings.

If you are not doing referral and introduction, it means you are not doing this business. I remember a member chatting me sometime ago that she has not gotten any earning since she register. I asked her if she has introduced anyone to the business. She said no, that introducing people has been hard.

I made her know that without activities from you or your team members that there is no earnings, without work you can’t grow in this Norland Supplement business

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